Gemmology is the scientific study of gemstones. It includes the study of physical properties, identification, grading, evaluation, occurance, astrological view and how gemstones may be distinguished from synthetic and simulants.

Career Opportunities:

Gemmology offers a number of career opportunities as a diamond & gemstone grader / trader, diamond & colorstone designer, gemstone retailer / wholesaler, diamond & colorstone importer & exporter, jeweller, lapidary, gemstone enrepreneur, gem astrologer or any one fascinated by gemstones.

Proliferation of imitations, treatments and new synthetic gemstones in trade make relevant and essential to study gemstones scientifically.

JDTI gemmology course is designed at par with gemmology course offered anywhere in the world.

JDTI conducts following courses on Gemstones and Diamonds -
Course Code Course Name Duration Course Fee
JDTI-102 Gemmology Course 3 months Rs.40,000
[US$ 1750]
JDTI-103 Diamond Grading 6 weeks Rs.22,500
[US$ 1150]
JDTI-103A Gemstone Identification 6 weeks Rs.22,500
[US$ 1150]


JDTI Gemlab is setup as per International Standards

JDTI Guidance:

Professional guidance on job opportunities and business through Placement Cell at JDTI.

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