Diploma Programme in Jewellery Design & Technology

Course Code: JDTI-100-D Programme Length: 2 years (4 Semesters)
Evaluation Criteria
  • The student will be evaluated by a jury at the end of each semester.
  • During the jury the student has to present all the work done till that date, which is then evaluated by a panel of jury members.
  • After 3 semesters if the student fails to attain a minimum aggregate of 40% and the required attendance, then he/she will not be allowed for the internship and to sit for the final semester assessment.
  • At the end of Semester IV a student will be evaluated for the final Diploma as per the given norms
Semester % of the aggregate
Semester - I 10
Semester - II 20
Semester - III 20
Semester - IV 50
  • Grading criteria
% age Grade
Above 75 A
65 - 74.99 B
55 - 64.99 C
45 - 54.99 D
below 45 Fail
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