Appreciating Art: Connoisseurs from Pakistan visit JDTI

A delegation of jewellery experts visited JDTI, Noida on May 20, 2005 along with Mr. Peter Micheal Raw, Consultant from WGC.
Mr. Haji Shafi Choksi (Choksi Precious Services of Pakistan), Mr. Jamshed Waheed (USAID PISDAC Project), Ms. Amina Akram (Small & Medium Enterprise Dev. Authority), Mr. Arif Iqbal (Sarafa & Jewellers Association) were among the honourable delegates.
The objective of the visit was to promote interaction between the jewellery experts from both the countries and to encourage design education in Pakistan.

Honorable Pakistani delegates looking at the designs
manufactured by JDTI students
Mr. Peter Michael Raw from WGC (London) looking
at the designs of JDTI students
Mr. Peter Michael Raw from WGC (London)
observing the student's work of art
Mr. Keyur Shah (WGC) and Pakistani delegate
intracting with JDTI students
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