Gemmology Course [Batch start date: July 9, 2018, Mon - Wed - Fri]

Course Code: JDTI - 102
Programme Length: 3 months, alternate days of the week, 36 sessions
Timing: 10:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

You will learn to grade and identify both Diamonds and Coloured Gemstones in JDTI's well-equipped Gemmology Lab with GIA and Kruss (Germany) instruments. The institute has a large updated collection of stones which aids in the practical experience.

Programme Contents

Introduction to Gemmology

  • Diamonds
  • Historical Background, Origin, Geological Timetable, Mining, Occurrence & Major deposits of the World
  • Crystallography, Physical, Chemical, Optical Properties, Distinctive Features, Inclusions and Characteristics
  • Treatment of Diamonds and their method of detection/ identification
  • Flow of Rough Diamond from Mines to Sites, Diamond Trade
  • Nomenclature and Grading System
  • Importance of 4' Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat)
  • Types and Forms of Cuts
  • Instruments for Weight Estimation
  • Coloured Gemstones
  • Historical Background, Nomenclature of Gemstones, Origin, Geological timetable, Mining, Occurrence. Major Gem Stones Deposits of the World
  • Famous Gemstones, Folklore, influence, Healing properties, Birthstones & Astrological view
  • Nature of Gem Materials, Crystal Systems, Crystallography, Physical, Chemical & Optical Properties. Inclusions, Characteristics and Sources of best Known Gemstones to Trade
  • Use of Gemmolite and other Gemological Instruments in Identification.
  • Identification Techniques
  • Types and Forms of Cuts
  • Enhancement-Treatments and Methods of Detection/Identification
  • Synthetic Stones - Important Properties and Identification Methods
  • Organic Gemstones and their Physical, Chemical, Optical Properties, Sources & Identification Techniques
  • Instruments for Weight Estimation

To further enhance your knowledge, following additional classes are provided at the culmination of the Gemmology course:

  • Visit to a museum/ Mine
  • Theory in Stone Setting
  • Demonstration of various types of setting
  • Demonstration of jewellery manufacturing techniques
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