Stone Setting
Course Code: JDTI - 106
Programme Length: 2 weeks, 6 Days a week (12 sessions)
Timing: 10:00 AM - 2:30 PM
This course imparts skills in practical stone setting. Practical exercises are conducted in stone setting techniques. Students can take home the tools & samples of stones settings done by them.
Programme Contents
  • Introduction to stone-setting tools including usage & making of Gravers
  • Gripping, Posture & Magnification
  • Claw, Bezel and Channel Setting - Theory and Practical
  • Pave, Flush and Tension Setting - Theory and Demonstration
  • Introduction to new setting techniques such as pressure & invisible setting
  • Introduction to setting of fancy shape stones
  • Finishing of different types of settings using burs, files, rubber wheels & emery papers
  • Quality check
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