Engraving & Enamelling
Course Code: JDTI - 107
Programme Length: 2 weeks, 6 Days a week (12 sessions)
Timing: 10:00 AM - 2:30 PM
This course imparts extensive practical training in engraving and enamelling, a lost art that has a potential to create object de' art. This course is highly suitable for jewellery professionals engaged in creating designer jewellery.
Programme Contents


  • Cutting process
  • Gripping, Posture, Magnification
  • Techniques of marking, decorative engraving, textures and carving to create a surface for enamelling


  • Basic metalwork
  • Types of enamels: opaque & transparent
  • Preparation and application of enamels
  • Enamelling kilns and equipments
  • Cloisonne and champleve techniques
  • Developing design in colour using basic techniques
  • Textures and special effects
  • Firing and finishing
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