Finishing, Polishing & Electroplating
Course Code: JDTI - 108
Programme Length: 2 weeks, 6 Days a week (12 sessions)
Timing: 10:00 AM - 2:30 PM
The course imparts extensive practical training in finishing, polishing and electroplating. The students learn to operate machines & tools used in the processes. Practical classes are conducted in all topics.
Programme Contents

Finishing & Polishing

  • Introduction to Tools & Equipment
  • Magnetic polishing
  • Finishing processes including use of files, pendant motors, burs, rubber wheels & emery papers
  • Polishing processes including cutting & buffing using different brushes, felt laps, cotton buffs, grinding wheels etc.
  • Textures and finishes
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning and steam cleaning
  • Handling polished components


  • Introduction to Electroplating Equipment & chemicals
  • Different kinds of plating & galvano solutions
  • Practical exercises in silver and gold plating
  • Introduction to part plating techniques & Pen platers5. Part plating techniques and use of pen platers
  • Safety, Storage & Quality Check
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