JDTI Enrolment No.______________
(To be completed by the applicant in his/her hand writing)
Name of Applicant _____________________________________________________
Father's / Husband Name _______________________________________________
Address for Correspondence _____________________________________________
Tel. : -_______________________________________________________________
E-Mail ID__________________________________________________________________________
Permanent Address_________________________________________________________________
Tel. :_____________________________________________________________________________
Occupation / Experience ____________________________________________________________
Date of Birth ______________________________________________________________________
Marital Status _____________________________________________________________________
School / College / University ----------------Class / Year of Passing --------------Marks / %age

Course Name --------------------------- ---College / Institution

I would like to be enrolled for course (indicate code no.) : _________________________________
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How did you learn about JDTI ? _______________________________________________________
Why do you wish to do a course with JDTI ?
What do you know about a career in Jewellery Design & Technology ?
What are your expectations from the course and after the course ?
Please give reasons for your choice of the course ?

I hereby agree to apply for admission to JDTI for the course indicated by me, I agree to follow the plan of study as laid down by the institute and will pay my course fee in full, I understand that I am requesting the complete course as described and that it is mine to keep as I receive it. I also understand that the Institute reserves the right to accept or reject my application at its own discretion. When accepted by the Institute this application shall be considered as an enrolment Agreement. Otherwise the tution fee deposited by me will be refunded in full.

Signature ____________________ ----------------------------------Date ____________
Name _______________________ ---------------------- ----------- Place ___________

I, the undersigned, do hereby certify that the information given above is correct and true to the best of my knowledge. If it is found otherwise at any time, I shall become liable to whatever penalty upon me by the institute which may include my expulsion from the course. I have read the terms and conditions and understand its contents clearly and completely.

Signature ____________________ ----------------------------------Date ____________
Name (In Full)___________________________ ----_____-------------Place ___________
All payments to be made in favour of Jewellery Design & Technology Institute payable at New Delhi