Advanced Casting Programme
Course Code: JDTI - 115
Programme Length: 3 weeks, 6 Days a week (18 sessions)
Timing: 10:00 AM - 2:30 PM
This course trains the student in different types of casting techniques including investment, sand and cuttlebone. The students get an opportunity to learn wax modelling and cast their own wax pieces. The practical classes are supported by theoretical lectures and audio-visual presentation. Students get to cut rubber moulds which they take home along with the final cast pieces in silver.
Programme Contents
  • Introduction to casting [Process, Cycle & Technique]
  • Audio-Visual Presentation
  • Wax carving and modelling
  • Creating textures on wax
  • Forming the Rubber Mould
  • Wax injection
  • Cleaning of wax pieces
  • Introduction to sprueing techniques and wax tree assembly
  • Alloy calculations including wax to metal conversion ratios
  • Types of investments and their preparation
  • De-waxing techniques and burnout process
  • Casting of final pieces
  • Sprue cutting
  • Sand Casting
  • Cuttlebone casting
  • Finishing and polishing of final cast pieces
  • Casting defects and trouble-shooting
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