Quality Control (Q.C.)
Course Code: JDTI - 116
Programme Length: 2 weeks, 6 Days a week (12 sessions)
Timing: 10:00 AM - 2:30 PM
This 2 week course gives an opportunity to students to understand the importance and scope of Quality Control. One will learn to identify problem areas as well as how to use stage wise quality checks to ensure the final required quality of your product. The student gains confidence in using the 10x loupe. This programme is beneficial for an individual enterpreneur and a professional as one learns through practical and theoretical exercises.
Programme Contents
  • Importance of Quality check
  • Using 10x loupe
  • Overview of jewellery manufacturing cycle
  • Introduction to stages of quality check
  • Wax and post casting checks
  • Metal, setting and finishing checks
  • Final quality check
  • Problem identification and solving
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