International Acclaim for JDTI Ex-Student  

Diamonds : Nature's Miracle, an International Design Competition, sponsored by the Diamond Trading Company (DTC) had over 1,500 entries, 39 winners were selected from 119 finalists. Smitha Sara Fenn an ex-student of the Jewellery Design & Technology Institute was one of the finalists.


These winning entries are perfectly complemented by the unique pieces from the international diamond brands demonstration the ultimate in diamond jewellery design. Every piece contains more than 25 carats of diamonds.


Smitha Sara Fenn :
Smitha Sara Fenn grew up in Coimbatore, a small town in Southern India. Inspired by the beautiful jewellery that the famous Indian painter Raja Ravi Varma adorned women with in his paintings, she decided to pursue a course in jewellery design at the Jewellery Design & Technology Institute in Noida. After her graduation, she started working for Prince Jewellery, and has been involved in launching the company's new, innovative designs and collections. Prince Jewellery sponsered her award winning jewellery design.


Smitha defines her inspiration as - The Great Journey'. Constant change deep within the earth brings about the formation of diamonds. Continual interruptions in temperature and pressure ensure that no two diamonds are the same. It is the constant change that is reflected in the 'Great Journey'.

Prior to this Smitha has also won the Tahitian Peral Trophy 2003-2004, she was the regional winner from Chennai. Her bracelet was in Sterling Silver with black and white pearls.

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